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Visa’s nine-year partnership with Wellington on a Plate allows the brand to connect to New Zealand’s most innovative food festival. In 2018, we created the Visa Festival Hub - a space that was a focal point for the festival for consumers, merchants and Visa partners.


We created a stand-out entrance to Visa Festival Hub which people could use as a meeting point, and served as a strong branded background in photos at the Hub. The space featured popcorn and fairy floss installations which created talkability for attendees queueing on entry to events. The interactive environment allowed promotional staff to engage attendees in installations, encouraging entries into and to purchase items from VIV - which sold-out with the first two days.

Willett Visa Wellington on a Plate
Willett Visa Wellington on a Plate

Through Instagram Stories, photography and videos we successfully leveraged the sold out-nature of the events at the Visa Festival Hub and the highly engaged foodie audience of Wellington to show Visa as the authority on the best events happening and showcase the Visa Festival Hub to those not present.


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