Willett Westpac Empowerment boxes


Empowerment boxes




The Westpac Empower Me Fund aims to create magic for customers in moments that matter. To create excitement and energy in branches, and drive consistency in surprise and delight moments that matter, we created Empowerment boxes for all 663 Westpac branches with a selection of items for branch managers to gift to customers.

Willett Westpac Empowerment boxes
Willett Westpac Empowerment boxes

The box acts as a consistent, visual reminder to take the opportunity to surprise, delight and recover the moment. We filled 663 boxes with gifts to start the program, for moments like the loss of a loved one, new to the country, getting married, buying a home, new baby, going on a holiday, separation or divorce, loss of a job, illness and when things go wrong (and something to entertain kids!).  Staff are encouraged to add to the box with items sourced from their local area.

Willett Westpac Empowerment boxes

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